Little kitchen plans

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Kitchen has always been my favorite place in the house. Maybe that is because I am a food lover but I am sure that this applies to most of you as well. There have been a lot of developments in the technology and new appliances keep popping out each day. Though these appliances may make your day to day life easy, they surely cramp up your kitchen, especially if the kitchen is small. This calls for proper planning and designing of the kitchen to restore your kitchen’s look and feel.

Here are a few plans that may be suitable for your little kitchen.

Wall kitchens:

These kitchens are generally referred to as I-shaped or wall kitchens. They are generally found in small apartments. The kitchen is restricted to just one wall (as the name suggests). This clearly limits the space availability. Having all the appliances like refrigerator on one corner and a microwave oven on the countertop is the general trend of going about this kind of design. Having a sink over the dishwasher area is a common practice and cabinets which extend all the way upto the ceiling can provide you with a lot of storage space.

Corridor kitchens:

These type of kitchens are generally found in narrow two-dimensional apartments. The kitchen elements are fixed on either side of the corridor which probably leads to another room. Having enough space to move around these kitchens is very important as the kitchen is not in a corner of the house so people are going to be moving in and around it. Having the appliances on one side and the stove and sink on the other would help you in staying organized. Cabinets extending up to the ceiling will provide you with enough storage space which is very important for kitchens like this. A well-organized modular design will help you find a place for all your dishes and bowls.

Other kitchens

Having L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens in small spaces is not quite practical as this would severely restrict the amount of space for you to move about in. But if you think that it would be a perfect solution for you and that you don’t need too much space then arranging your appliances in these types would be simple as there is more space and importance given to them rather than your own mobility. But make sure that the room is not too claustrophobic as the kitchen is something that decides the re-sale value of the house.