Guide to buying small corner baths

Small Baths For Small Bathrooms what type of bath should
Small Baths For Small Bathrooms what type of bath should i choose for a small bathroom? VSUCYOS

Small corner baths may lack the luxury but they allow you to enjoy a spacious bath in an otherwise small space. Corner baths are extremely popular with people that can’t afford space or money for their bathrooms. These baths attract less space but high efficiency. They come as small as 1m and the size increases from there on. You can choose the perfect size and style for your space.

There are a few things to consider while buying a corner bath panel. The first step to buying corner baths is to designate the space in which the bath will be placed and after that comes checking for water connections. You should have a proper route for the water to come into the tub. If you want additional whirlpool, hot tub or Jacuzzi then you should fix the connections accordingly. Adding luxury options means adding overall expense.

Designate a corner space and measure

The first step is to designate a corner for the corner bath. You should choose a space that is the most convenient. You should keep in mind that the bathroom can’t look cramped when the bath is installed in the corner. After the space is chosen, you should measure the corner so that you can buy a tub according to the measured dimensions.

Water route and connection

The second step is to making a route available for the water to reach the corner of the tub. In most bathrooms water connections aren’t set up at all corners so you should have a plumber set it all up before going in to make the purchase. Installation for bath suites tends to be relatively easier.


In most bathrooms the drains don not accommodate with corners. You should have a plumber modify the drains and also add the proper set up for whirlpool, Jacuzzi or a hot tub.


The size for a corner tub starts form 1m. These small bath panels won’t allow any more than a shower. If you have some available space then you can go for bigger bathtubs that allow for luxurious options. It all comes down to the space you have and the tub you can afford. If you are extremely lacking in space then you can go for a 1m panel. These are best for those who only want shower.


The features of the bath will depend on the size of the bath. If you have a 1m bathtub in which you only want to shower then there’s no point of adding other luxurious features.

The features available are Jacuzzi, hot tub, easy entry, among others.