Are round tables, an ideal choice for your kitchen?

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Choosing a perfect kitchen table can be a confusing affair, especially if you are unaware what you are looking for. The number of options are simply endless, on top of it if you yourself are unaware of what you want, then you have to simply depend on the expertise of the salesman. Imagine, if you have finally decided that you need a round kitchen table. But, how can you be sure that a round kitchen table will be a perfect choice for your kitchen?

If professionals are to be believed, there are number of steps that allow you to finally choose the correct round table for your kitchen and how to place it.

Table-to-Wall Clearance

You need to measure the distance around the room. It is advised to leave 40-45 inches between the wall and table, so as to ensure that the table appears spacious and not overcrowded.

Table-to-Furniture Clearance

If you have other furniture just next to the wall of your kitchen, then rather than taking the measurement from the wall to the furniture, measure the distance between the furniture and the table. Now, this distance has to be 40-45 inches.


Never overcrowd your kitchen table. If you have people sitting at the table, make sure that each one of them has about 2 feet of eating space. If not then you should reduce a seat or two from the table or purchase a bigger round kitchen table, only if there’s enough area in your kitchen.

Space Savers

Round tables are rightly known as space savers. It is the favorite choice of every kitchen that has a limited space. Unlike rectangular and square tables, round tables do not have any sharp edges that can bump into anyone. This quality of the round kitchen tables, also allow you to fit more people at the table.
How to Select the Perfect Sitting Size for a Round Table?

Many manufacturers have their own version of calculation when it comes to selecting the sitting size of a round table. However, the most common recommendation is:

– A 3 meter round table with a pedestal base is ideal for 4 seats
– A 4 meter round table with legs seats 4
– A 5 meter round table with a pedestal base is ideal for 6 seats
– A 5 meter round with legs seats 4

If you entertain very large crowds every now and then, then a rectangular table can be ideal for you, as it can be difficult to reach for food with large round tables.