Bathroom remodel ideas

Tiny Bathroom Remodel Ideas 20 small bathroom before and afters
Tiny Bathroom Remodel Ideas 20 small bathroom before and afters | hgtv VWUESNW


Remodeling a small bathroom is a big task. While keeping the budget and latest designs in mind, here are some ideas.

• To give a look of 1920s bungalow to a bathroom is challenging but it looks quite charming.

• Remodeling bathroom into a classic look. You can use blue-colored floor tiles with navy blue or grey-colored tiles on the walls.

• You can save your money by using watersense certified model of toilets which uses less gallons of water in flush.

• Replacing the old vanity cabinets with white color furnishing helps to look the bathroom brighter and spacious.

• Mixing modern designs with antique ones give the signature look to the bathroom.


There are many ways to remodel your bathroom.

• You can do modern makeover of your bathroom by using white tiles on the walls.

• You can use contemporary designs. You can decorate the area around the washbasin with the textured tiles or you can use patterned-tiles around the mirror also.

• You can use the mix of several colors to create an eye-catching and soothing effect.

• Instead of using tiles, you can do mini makeover of your bathroom by using colored paints on the walls. Bathroom gets new life with the paints.

• Use large and small tiles simultaneously, i.e., small tiles on walls and large tiles on floors.


Remodeling is the way to give finishing and to increase the value of your home. But there are some tips which you should know. Also there are some guidelines of what to do and what not to do while remodeling your bathroom.

• Focus on design plan- It is very important that you should know the layout of your new bathroom. You can think for different layouts for kid’s bathroom, for guest’s bath or for master bathroom.

• Choose workers with skill set: You should always contact a professional or someone experienced for flooring, plumbing and other renovation work. You can search online also.

• Select suitable finishes: Designs of bathrooms get outdated with time quickly. So select the designs which are trendy and popular. You can also consult professional designer to give you suggestions about finishes.

• Don’t forget about ventilation: ventilation is one of the most important things for your bathroom. Do not block any source of ventilation, if any. If there is no ventilation, fit a fan at the appropriate place to avoid moisture.