Paint for your kitchen cupboard

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Choosing a color

The type if color you choose for your kitchen cupboard is very essential. If you begin with the aim of making your kitchen look elegant and ended up selecting a color as boring as the previous one, the whole process will turn out to be a time wasted.

You have to ensure the color of your paint blend with the remaining part of the house and the previous wall color in the kitchen. If the color has been carefully chosen, every other thing is a bit easy.


The type of paint used

For the painting of your kitchen cupboards, you can make use of an oil paint. This type of paint stays firmly on the cupboard surface and it can be applied easily. The oil type of paint are very accessible easily in the market and almost all the good varieties have them available in different type of shades.

The Latex type of paints are also used for painting your kitchen cupboards. They get dry quickly, but they are not as good as as the oil type of paints. Acrylic type of paints can also be used, but they don’t come cheap, and they are thereby only used for smaller quantity painting.

The advice of Tim Webley

You might be confuse on a certain finish, but an art and furniture restorer and the founder of Beresford Inc., Tim Wels by, advises that a semi-gloss finish paint should be use always. He also stated that “You desire a semi-gloss for ensuring an easy cleaning of the cabinets down. It will pull the cloth and almost make it feel chalky when you use anything flatter.” Webley also warns that making use of a high-gloss type of paint when carrying out the project by yourself. “I would not advise you to go for high-gloss. It will make every brush stroke more visible and all the roll marks you make,” he also added.

Pertaining to color, the best selection you can make is white. Webley stated that even though some people tend to go for other colors that are lighter, the very best choice is still white. “A large number of people are of the thought that a clean kitchen is a white kitchen. That is the general knowledge,” he stated. In addition, painting your kitchen cupboard with a white paint provides you with a lots of opportunity to add some other accent color.