Ideas for the open plan of kitchen and dining rooms

Open Plan Living Dining Kitchen Ideas furnishing open plan living
Open Plan Living Dining Kitchen Ideas furnishing open plan living | modern open plan floorplans | id studio, VIMISZL

Open plan is a modern design style which augments and bloats the open floor area, abolishing or clearing away the doors and interior walls to gain the expanded possible lines of sight. Most common are the open plan living rooms and open plan kitchens as they are those spaces where we spend most of our time in entertainment. In case you are a great entertainer, an open plan lounge in your dining area will be the perfect idea! With big open spaces you require furniture appropriate and acceptable for the open plan rooms: big striking pieces which can fill up the space.

Some ideas for the open plan kitchen- dining area

An arched glass roof cast instant slay factor to a spacious kitchen design. Marble worktops, stylish dining chairs and antique-style pendant lights can give finishing to the look. A single wall of floor to ceiling cabinetry and appliances is foolproof for an open floor plan. A long island roosts a sink, keeping the work affair solid and holds extra storage. Island seating in an open kitchen plan allows family and friends to stay close past getting in each other’s way.

Connection of kitchen and dining area

A large arch attaches the dining area with the kitchen. Without walls to divide the 2 spaces, natural light from the dining space scatters in the kitchen, making it feel more light and open. A connected dining and the kitchen serve as an easy serving space. If you have larger open space in your kitchen, you can have tables for extra dining which can be easily moved as well when there is more flow of traffic or just a lot of people!

Ornate details in the open kitchen

When kitchen is open to other house areas, it is necessary to accommodate the styles so the rooms do not clash. You can have the ornate French detailing in your house. It will work as a fluid throughout- from the fireplace to the kitchen island and the banquette. If you are short of space, you can utilize the corner of the space for dining purposes.