Portable kitchen islands

Portable Kitchen Island 20 recommended small kitchen island ideas on
Portable Kitchen Island 20 recommended small kitchen island ideas on a budget WTYDZDE

The movable or the portable kitchen islands are a perfect option for small kitchens or a crafty chef who is always moving. These kitchen islands allows for a helpful, yet simple function: motility. Whether you are looking for a kitchen island which fits your small kitchen perfectly or you just want the island to be moved easily in your room, the movable kitchen island is the thing for you!

Kitchen islands: Functional, beautiful options of design

Most of the movable kitchen islands, like utility tables or carts, have many features which allow for food preparation and storage, for example, cabinets, drawers, butcher block cutting surfaces etc. These kitchen islands are specifically on wheels and hence, can easily be moved. A movable kitchen island is generally perfect for a homeowner with a small budget or who has little time for remodeling their area of the kitchen.

Creative ideas for the movable island

Ingenious concepts and plans for movable kitchen islands entail a counter-height stand which has wheels on their legs and allows for the seating of dining style in the kitchen. Other DIY projects may include a dresser which can be converted into a movable kitchen island by providing it wheels and a space for working, like wood or marble. The previously installed drawers in the DIY option it more perfect for the storage solutions. In case you are toting your own wheels, you must make sure that a minimum of 2 of them have locks to avoid the movement of island when you want it to cleave.


Additional Features of movable kitchen island

Some additional features which are generally included in the design of movable kitchen island are hooks for hanging small pots and utensils, and may be a dish towel rack. These little details make it handy and advantageous to keep the kitchen tasks contained to one space, which hence, allows for easy cleanup. A movable kitchen island gives the same benefits as a built-in-island- without having to be stuck in one place. Even better, these portable island options come in same kind of upgrades to that of the permanent islands- from butcher-block, stainless-steel and granite to hand rubbed or distressed finishes on the base or the cabinets.