Menards toilets in different styles and designs

Menards toilets in different styles and designs full size of
Menards toilets in different styles and designs full size of bathroom:inspiration for small bathroom designs menards remodel inspiration DPGHTJL

The designs and styles of a toilet has been improved a lot, and today, you can find several models and designs are available in all brands, and the new techniques that are used in saving several hundreds of gallons of water every year and it further helps you save lot of money on utility bills. Thanks to Menards for providing these innovative water saving toilet.

New Designs and Styles at Menards:

Menards offers a range of toilet accessories to upgrade your bathroom. You can find 2-piece toilets with a round or elongated bowls and dual flush toilets to save water. The elongated one piece toilet also come dual-flush options. Menards specialty toilets collection includes composting and macerating toilets. With Menards toilet accessories and options, updating the restroom in any commercial buildings or business is easy. Also, you can find different styles and varieties of toilet seats to match your bathroom décor. Menards can also help you install and maintain your toilet.

Champion 4 Elongated Toilets:

The Campion 4 elongated toilet is considered as the industry’s major product that is reliable, maintains American standards, and offers maintenance-free performance. The perfect height elongated toilet offers easy-to-clean, sleek and good looks united with innovative bowl-cleaning technology underneath the rim.

The Diplomat elite, and the Champion 4 can easy flush 2.2 pounds of solid waste without any clogging problem, obtaining the best possible rating in MaP (Maximum Performance) test. Installing both the toilets is easy, and the instruction manual is included in the box, no need of any special tools, easy to install and easy to maintain. The Champion 4 elongated toilet and Diplomat Elite Concealed Trapway is now available at Menards.

Perfect height elongated toilets:

Diplomat elite concealed trapway is a sleek and clean European style toilet, which has a raw flushing clout. This new and improve toilet flush features an extra-large 3inch flush valve that gives more water force to enter the bowl more rapidly for powerful flushing and it has a wide 21/16inch completely glazed trapway to prevent clogging.
This toilet has a smooth shape and a covered trapway that make it look beautiful and easy to maintain as there are not complicated curves included. The slender design of the Diplomat Elite is balanced by a telescoping, a slow-close seat that covers the seat ring for a clean look. The universal design of right height elongated toilets meets all the guidelines that propose the requirements of mobility levels and all age groups and is ADA accommodating.