The world of kitchen sink taps

Kitchen Sink Mixer Taps cross handle deck mounted kitchen sink
Kitchen Sink Mixer Taps cross handle deck mounted kitchen sink mixer tap GQDIEDF

Kitchen Sink Taps are just as important as any other accessory in the kitchen. They are some of the most frequently used fittings in the kitchen and hence it is important to get them right. With the right kind of taps installed in your kitchen, you can make the your cooking and cleaning very efficient.

It is important to know the types of taps available for kitchen sinks before settling on one. Each have their individual benefits and you can choose from among them according to your preference and convenience.

Pillar type taps

These are usually used in pairs and are used in sinks that have two drains. They do not have a lot of flexibility, in fact no flexibility at all, and hence are not suitable for children or the elderly.

Their advantage is that they are quite sturdy and are convenient for washing dishes.


Deck mixer taps

These are also taps that are fitted in two drain sinks. They have two different flow knobs that supply a single spout. Normally one of the knobs controls hot water and the other cold water. You can turn on both for adjusting the temperature of the water as per your need and convenience.

Monobloc taps

They work quite similar to the deck mixer taps, they have one spout which is connected to two different knobs. But the only difference is that they are designed for a single drain sink. They have the same advantage of temperature control as the deck mixer taps.

Single lever taps

Such taps have a single spout that is supplied by a single knob. This knob or lever can be moved in such a way that controls both flow and water temperature; normally, moving it vertically controls the water pressure and moving it horizontally regulates the water temperature. Such a single lever taps work on the principle of a ball and socket joint.

Other innovations

Apart from the above mentioned designs, many new tap designs are available with kitchen sinks. You can get motion sensor taps that do not need you to touch them for working them. Although this may not be very convenient for washing dishes, you can have one such tap installed in a two drain sink.

Pull out sprays are the ultimate in luxury and convenience. They are probably the best thing that your kitchen sink can get and they make every mundane task quite quick and easy.

Then you have your boiling water taps that give you instantly boiled water for tea or other hot beverages.


It can be quite exciting to select kitchen sink taps. And with such varieties and choices, they can make every chore simple.