Design tips for modern kitchen

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Kitchen is known to be the heart of any home and this is because it is a place where the entire family gathers to cook and eat. In some modern homes, kitchen serves multiple purposes with a computer desk, dining table, entertainment area and sitting area. Present day kitchens are fun, appealing and practical. They feature innovative components and sophisticated designs. Moreover, they are made of furniture, artwork and flooring resembling the rest of the house.

Here are some basic tips to achieve a well planned, modern kitchen design:


Whatever be the design of your preference for the kitchen, contemporary or classic, homey or high tech, formal or casual, it is important to select the overall style of the major components of the kitchen before buying them. Countertops, cabinets and appliances are vital in any kitchen space. Getting the perfect combination of functionality with appearance is possible with certain designs blending modern conveniences with traditional looks. Create a proportional kitchen with modern amenities and classic materials to have a practical yet stylish kitchen design.


Today, the traditional concept of work triangle in kitchen layout is replaced by other options. Yet there are many choices for great looking kitchen layouts. When you have limited space, you can consider galley kitchen or one wall kitchen. Minimalist kitchens are gaining popularity in recent times wherein kitchen elements like cabinets and refrigerator are placed out of sight to create a living room like sensibility. Another variation is deluxe kitchen layout which offers expansive spaces with multiple work zones.


These are the vital kitchen elements that require bearing lot of wear and tear. Look for the desirable countertop properties like durability, water resistance, maintenance in addition to the appeal. You should also consider the usage of countertops before selecting one. If you want to place hot pans or chop on the tops, you need to go for durable ones. If you are bothered by fingerprints and sports, select the one that does not show that. Regardless of personal preferences, a solid surface top is always easy to maintain.


If you choose to replace your kitchen cabinets, you will have to select from fitted and unfitted versions. Then you need to decide on the style and construction of the cabinets like custom, semi-custom or stock cabinetry. You will also need to select the material and finish and come up with a personal style cabinetry by mixing different materials and finishes.

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