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Kitchen illumination let there be light: 4 types of kitchen
Kitchen illumination let there be light: 4 types of kitchen illumination YRSITYQ

The Kitchen is a work space which requires clear and bright lightening arrangement for meals preparation. LED strip lightening enhances to the aesthetics of the kitchen and house a whole apart from superior economic choice in the long run. Their presences give one a cool pleasant experience to the inhabitant. They can be used both as popular lightening and mood enhancer’s.


LED strip lights have certain advantages that have helped it to make its way to the application in modern day kitchens. Various kinds of advantages associated with the LED light strips are as follows:-

1.) They are free from glare and soft to the eyes. Thus the light has the pure colors.

2.) The LED strip can be bent into various shapes and easy to install across the kitchen space.

3.) The LED Strip dissipates negligible heats as compared to other lightening arrangements.

4.) They are energy savers as less electrical energy is wasted in heat and low resistance losses.

5.) They are made up of recyclable and environmentally friendly material and don’t cause environment pollution. They are greener choice to be made.

6.) They use low voltage and senior adults and children’s can safely operate them.

7.) LED Strips installation process is simple and can be installed in variety of surfaces. They explore and enhance creativity of the user and installer.

8.) LED Strips have longer life then traditional lightening sources.

9.) They come in variety of shapes and sizes, soft, thin of pure color and can be used a decorator during occasions.

Pricing: –

LED Strips are much more costly than the traditional lightening sources.

Material: –

LED strips uses high brightness SMD LED as light emitting and produces heat around 0.04-0.08 watts. Also around 1210 LED’s per meter consumes 4.8W power and 5050 LED’s per meter consumes 7.2W of power. The materials are recyclable and environmental friendly. They are even biodegradable. They work around 12 V DC power source.

Maintenance: –

it is easy to maintain them and has low failure rate as compared to traditional lightening sources.

Color: –

they can be brightened and illuminated into different colors based on the requirements. They can also be computer controlled for customized decorative usage.

Availability: –

Nowadays LED Strips are available at each and every shops dealing with lightening products. They have become much popular among household and soon may replace traditional lightening market.