Efficient and effective kitchen island lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting de long 4-light kitchen island pendant UHGAJZY
Kitchen Island Lighting de long 4-light kitchen island pendant UHGAJZY

Kitchen island lights are very important to create a bright and rightful environment. Proper lighting does not strain your eyes. One can easily and comfortably work with proper lights in the kitchen island. Improper lighting causes many difficulties and also mishaps that can be harmful. It also causes many health problems like stress, headaches etc.


Types of kitchen island lighting fixtures

o Pendants or mini pendants
o Recessed lighting
o Island lights
o Flexible lights
o Non flexible lights
o Chandeliers
o Flush mount. Semi flush mount
o Mini Chandeliers
o Fluorescent light fixtures

Factors that determine the best kitchen island lighting

 Island size,
 Ceiling height
 Island use
 Recessed lighting

The kitchen island lighting and very versatile has very high usability feature. If the ceiling is low then fixed rail, flush and semi flush mount can be used. Chandeliers works best where the size of the kitchen island is huge and the ceilings are higher. Pendant lights and recessed lights are suitable in all types of Kitchen Island.
Size of the island is the most important factor in determining the best kitchen island lighting. Other factors also play an equally important role in selecting the best island lighting. A kitchen with a low ceiling has very few lighting options to choose from.

Selecting the right source of lighting is also very important. One can choose from the following

Incandescent Lamps:

There are varieties of Incandescent lamps are available. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on their usage and light output. It is cheaper lighting option compared to others. They are very outdated and older version of lighting.

Fluorescent lamps:

They are commonly used in households as a source of lighting. They are very safe and produce good output of lighting. They have replaced incandescent lamps over the years. They are suitable to be installed in bathrooms, dressing area etc.

Halogen lamps:

They are similar to incandescent lamps. They are durable and operate on high temperature. They have a longer life than the regular lamps. They are cooler and produce white light.

LED lights:

They are the latest in demand. They are energy and cost saving lamps. They can last for many years to come. They are very cost effective and come in different shapes and sizes.