Tips for selecting kitchen drawer pulls

Interior Decoration For Kitchen interior design images kitchen PPUNJOS
Interior Decoration For Kitchen interior design images kitchen PPUNJOS

New kitchen drawer pulls are great options of changing the looks of your kitchen without spending a lot. This is despite whether you are replacing your kitchen cabinets or just remodeling the existing ones. They can take any shapes, style, or color that might consider, and as well won’t take most of your time when doing the installation part. Although, the process of selecting the right pulls for your kitchen drawers involves some decisions. You have to consider the style of the drawers compared to the style of the hardware. You should also think about the weights of the drawers so as to determine the sizes of drawer pulls that you will need. Other things that you should consider include the various materials that make the drawer pulls.

Hardware Style

When it comes to any form of kitchen decoration, style is one of the important things. This is the way that the hardware looks, and should properly match the rest of the kitchen just like how the necklace and earrings completes a person’s look. The kitchen drawer pulls are just like the finishing touches of any kitchen that is beautiful. The pull enhances the beauty of the kitchen. Always consider the overall style of the kitchen when looking in the drawer pulls styles. In case your kitchen has got an antique look, then you should consider purchasing antique drawer pulls. Drawer pulls that are newer with a sleeker style can match well with contemporary or modern looking kitchens.



The material used to make the kitchen drawer pulls is also important. Currently, the metal drawer pulls are the most popular, although many people are still opting for the plastic and glass pulls. It is otherwise important to understand that the metal pulls will last quite longer than the plastic and glass pulls. The metal pulls are a bit limited in terms of colors and quite expensive. Despite being available in limited colors, they have got an ability to have very ornate designs and carvings. The glass pulls have got the abilities of offering a wider selection of very intricate designs and colors. The plastic pulls are quite cheap and will never last for a long time, despite having a wide variety of design and color options.

Drawer Size

Lastly, you have to put the size of your drawers into consideration. Think about the weight it can hold as well as the size of the face of the drawer. This will determine the sizes of the kitchen drawer pulls to consider. Ensure that these pulls are proportional to the front side of the drawer. Large and heavy drawers can’t function properly with too small pulls.