Kitchen aid mixers

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Kitchen Aid Mixers

Applications of KitchenAid stand Mixer
KitchenAid manufactures two kinds of mixers: The hand-held type and the stand type.
The handheld mixer is a much lighter appliance when compared to the stand mixer but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The stand mixer is more bulky and powerful and the mixer rests on a countertop eliminating the need of holding it over the mixing bowl as in case of the hand-held one. The stand mixer comes with a wider variety of attachments and add-ons. Let us take a look at the various specs and add-ons that can be purchased for a stand mixer.
Kitchen Aid Mixers

The stand mixer comes with 10-speeds of operations, and multiple beaters. The lower speeds are for stirring and the higher ones are for mixing. The beaters include: flat beater, wire whip, dough hook and burnished spiral. The flat beater is used mainly for making muffins, cakes, cookie dough, frosting for cakes and other similar products. The wire whip is used for making mayonnaise, whipped creamed. The mixing bowl of different materials can be purchased. These materials are namely: stainless steel, clear glass, frosted glass and hammered glass. The mixing bowl is dishwasher friendly but the beaters are to be hand washed in soapy water and dried immediately. The beaters a can easily be hooked onto the countertop by twisting it as along the groove after unlocking the countertop. Additional meat grinder and ice cream maker attachments can also be purchased with this mixer.

The mixer as mentioned earlier can be used for a wide range of kitchen activities. Calling it a multi-purpose creation is in no way an exaggeration. The mixer comes with a cookbook containing many different recipes. The mixer can be used to prepare different doughs for baking and also for making cakes. The meat grinder eliminates the need of buying grinded meat from the store as you never know what effect the added preservatives have on the food. It can also be used to make cake frostings (as mentioned earlier).
The stand mixer comes at a price of $450 and is obviously quite expensive. But for a person interested in baking, cake-making and other important, this item becomes a worthy investment.

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