Kitchen island ideas assorted colors

Small Kitchen Island Ideas small kitchen island ideas: pictures u0026
Small Kitchen Island Ideas small kitchen island ideas: pictures u0026 tips from hgtv | hgtv DWRQAKP

Kitchen islands have long been recognized as some of the most reliable ways of enhancing décor as well as functionality. A good number of householders have realized this and are doing everything within their power to include an island in their kitchens. In the near future, almost every modern house will have a kitchen that has an island. If you think a kitchen island cannot add to the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen, then you are mistaken. It is just as important as any kitchen accessory that is available out there. Perhaps you are wondering what kinds of kitchen island ideas are currently available today. The following examples of kitchen island ideas are currently available today. There are also pictures to help you read the actual concept behind each idea. It is hoped that you will be able to interpret the concept behind each design idea as reflected in the picture.

Assorted colors

Have a look at these three examples of islands and notice how the designers combined the colors. Although uniformity has been distorted, you can easily observe the whole concept of using a certain color and not another. In the first one, the designer uses red for the island when in fact the whole kitchen is arrayed with colors of all kinds. But, notice how the color fits in very well and achieves the designer’s aesthetic taste. The second one is not different at all. It was the designer’s idea to come up with an assortment of colors that will still confer elegance upon the kitchen. This is also reflected in the third design.

Kitchen cabinet matching

In this one, the designer’s aim was to match the island with the kitchen cabinet’s countertops and the backsplash area. Despite being a simple idea, notice how much décor it has added to the whole kitchen.

Back to the old days-1900s

Look at this simple island from the 1900s. Despite appearing simple, you can see the functionality of the island. According to the designer, the main aim of the design was to make it as functional as possible while maintaining its ability to add décor to a room.