How to paint kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Countertop Paint Kits how to paint laminate kitchen countertops
Kitchen Countertop Paint Kits how to paint laminate kitchen countertops DUGENSZ

Your kitchen appears that way simply because the cabinet have prevented the light in the room from shining. But a great makeover does not always mean replacing that imperfectly illuminated with a perfectly new cabinets. Provided that the doors and frames are good structurally, you can have them cleaned up and splashed with new paints. Within a short period, transform that dreary kitchen to a sunny one. As a senior technical editor named Mark Powers said about painting your kitchen all that is required is some sandpaper, Strong cleaner, a small elbow grease and a paintbrush.

Arranging the room

Put a rosin paper and a painting tape on the surface atop of the counter adjacent to the cupboard. Use a 0.5 mm plastic to cover surface of the backlash.

Flag each cupboard drawer or opening and its equivalent opening with the same numbered pieces of tape in order for you to understand the movement of each piece. Take out all the handles and pulls, and unscrew hinges from all the cupboard boxes and the openings. The drawers should be taken out and, if it can be done, take the fronts screw out.

Making use of a sponge and the necessary cleanser, wipe the doors down, fronts of drawer, and the cupboard frames any area you want to paint.


If you are making use of an old hinge again, also mark the hinges that are paired with each doors and points to ensure easy reinstallation.

Brush the color well after you finished painting

Make use of a chisel-tipped painting brush to apply the finishing color. Starting from the back doors and fronts of drawers, brush the paint, moving with the grain. First make sure the panels are painted first; after then you make your way to the stiles and rails. Put a little coating to prevent against drips and coverage that are uneven.