Flooring the kitchen using tiles

Kitchen Tile Flooring spacious kitchen with wood and tile AAPMRCM
Kitchen Tile Flooring spacious kitchen with wood and tile AAPMRCM

There are lots of options available these days to floor a kitchen e.g. wood, mosaic etc. Tile is becoming increasingly popular among these because of lots of factors. Before looking into those factors, let us first understand, why a lot of care needs to be put in order to decide flooring of a kitchen? Kitchen being the most used area of the house, requires a flooring that is durable and also it is required to keep it clean. Cleaning is required in other parts of the house of course but with the amount of outside stuff available in kitchen, it requires extra effort to clean them. Safety is also one more concern. With the cooking fire around, it is required to consider to have a material that is safe.

Keeping all these things in mind, if we look at all the options available now a days, flooring kitchen with tile is a unique option and becomes an automatic choice.

Benefits of using Tiles

1. Not much of effort it required to keep the tiles clean.
2. It gives very good protection in case of fire and is not prone to it as in case of wooden flooring.
3. Looks are important and various options available in tile allows you to get whichever look you want i.e. from wooden to mosaic and so on.
4. Kitchens could of various shapes and size. Tiles allow you to get it fitted in kitchen of various sizes and shapes.
5. It is long lasting. Once fitted, it has a long life and you do not need to bother about replacing them every now and then.

Why not to use tiles

1. Replacing a tile is a cumbersome task.
2. If one tile is broken, finding a matching one is very difficult.
3. If proper tiles are not put, they might become slippery because of water spill.
4. The most cumbersome part is to clean the edges specially the one that is not easily visible. A lot of fungus formation can happen at such edges and eventually could be bad for health.

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