European toilets – a good combination of innovation and hygiene

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Toilets are important component of the bathroom. They play an important role in human life too. Toilets are found everywhere in public and private places like hotels, airports, hospitals, offices, trains, airplanes etc. There are wide range and styles of toilets. Depending upon the country and its culture toilets style may vary. It is very important to have some knowledge about the different styles of toilets as when travelling to a different country you should not face any problem while answering nature’s call.

Some of the most popular International toilets are mentioned below:

 German Toilet: It is also known as washout toilet. These toilets are mostly found in Austria, Netherlands and Denmark. It has a platform where everything is collected for inspection and then flushed out.

 No tiles no walls: They are very popular in Tibet. The toilets are very simple with no walls.

 Bidets: They are very popular in European countries like Italy, France and Spain and also in some Latin American counties like Brazil and Argentina.

 Electronic toilets: It is a Japanese production. On the press of the button the machine can perform functions like washing and spraying.

 Asian toilets: The Indian style toilets where one needs to sit and spat. One has to use the bucket to wash as there are no sprays or tissue rolls.

 Mobile toilets: Mobile toilets are mostly found on the roads or at public places. They are normally pay toilets where one has to pay some charge for its use.

Styles of Bidets used in European countries

• Traditional ceramic (Porcelain) toilets: Floor mounted and wall mounted are the two types of bidets toilets that are commonly found in the western countries. They come in variety of styles like classic, contemporary, sleek and antique. Wall mounted toilets are preferred in modern bathrooms. They save space and are budget friendly. They are compact, affordable, and convenient and are available in wide range of models.

• Compact or toilet seat bidet: There are two types of toilet seat bidet electric bidets and non-electric bidet. These have now become more popular in European countries as they are value for money. They have hot water and cold water jets and many other unique features. They may be automatic or battery operated or electronic.

Points to be considered when selecting a bidet

 Identify your needs and research about the various bidet models available.

 Decide the type of the bidet you want to install.

 Decide the budget.

 Select the Bidet accordingly.