Kitchen cabinet refacing – easy and simple

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Kitchen cabinet refacing is a smart and intelligent decision. If you are confused whether to go for a kitchen remodeling or not, that is the state where cabinet refacing can get the job done. It will transform you kitchen into a new one and will enhance the look and beauty of the kitchen.


The major question that a common man asks before refacing kitchen cabinets is the cost. How much will it cost? Well, according to some statistics a normal kitchen cabinet refacing will cost you around 1000 – 3000 USD. The cost depends upon many factors. One of the major factors affecting the cost is the quality of material you are going to you. If you are going for stainless steel it may cost you a bit less, if you are going for wood, glass or high quality wood, it will cost you a bit higher. It also depends upon the size of the cabinets.

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing:

The major benefit is cost. It will cost you about half as much as replacing a kitchen cabinet. It is a quick process and takes much less time. Less effort is required to get the job done. Your daily routine will not be disturbed, you can use the kitchen while refacing.

Cons of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing:

You must know that refacing the cabinet will not change the kitchen design. If you are thinking that it will help you change the kitchen design then you are wrong.

Different options:

You have different options available. A huge variety of designs, colors, styles and shapes is available in the market. You must make sure that the design and style is according to your living standard and is in accordance with the style of kitchen. You can get help from shoppers if you are confused. You need to be a bit creative to perform this task. The choice of material and quality is also of same importance.


Installation is not that much difficult but it needs a professional. Accurate measurements and placing is the important key in this phase.