The most trending corner bath sizes

Corner Bath Shower Screen laguna corner shower bath with screen
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The remains of copper water pipes rediscovered in the Indus Valley which date back to a least of 2200 BS are the evidence that baths have been living with people and their lives for a very long time. The Romans played a big role in the area of sanitation and believed that water could be a source of passage of diseases through skin. The concept of dedicated bathroom for every home did not come until the end of World War I.

Today there are different styles and varieties of designs of bathrooms available in the market. On of them which have been hitting the market by storm is, Corner Bathtubs. Corner bathtubs are a fancy and up-raised kind of bath tubs. They are a little expensive, but very interesting and somewhat flawless at the same time. Corner bathrooms are perfect for small bathroom sized and do not take up a lot of spaces. They are normally triangular in shape and are fixed in one corner of the bathroom; and hence the name, Corner Bathrooms. There are a lot of types of corner bathtubs trending in the market today.

Jacuzzi Corner Baths

Jacuzzi Corner Bathtubs provide you the privilege of a luxurious comfort and is a great way to relief stress of modern living. Jacuzzi, also known as a whirlpool corner bath, gives you a soothing ambience similar to luxury spas. They are not just filled with features, but also bring style and elegance to the whole look of your bathroom. It supplies you with premium functionalities which can be put in a corner neatly and can change your way of life via reinvigorating hydro-massage.

Fuzion Corner Baths

If you’re in look of a more of a functional yet minimal looking bathtub for your bathroom, then Fuzion Corner Bathtubs are the perfect choice. They’ve got multiple features such as neck-massaging waterfall, Optional wood type deck, Infinity edge type drain system and Slip-resistant bottom and Tru-LevelTM base. It comes in various colors and dimensionally, its 66”Lx66”Wx24”H.

Primo Corner Baths:

Primo Corner bathtubs are the next big talk in the bathtub world. They are mainly famous for their functionality and comfort. Primo Corner bath is one of the best ways to private pampering and relaxation. The features include optional deep soak drain and slip-resistant bottom and Tru-LevelTM base. It is acrylic made and dimensionally is 60”Lx60”Wx21”H.

Contrasting the note, corner bathtubs are a great way to enhance your bathrooms and live that luxurious experience of a luxurious bathroom of your dreams. It’s not just functional, but also very stylish and on the trend. Regardless of being comparatively expensive, it provides with the best features and functions you would look in any bathtubs.