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Copper Kitchen Sinks ... cocina 30 copper kitchen sink (cpk293) DAPWLNO

As the name suggests copper sinks are sinks which use copper as a fabrication material. Copper sinks have recently got popularized due to various reasons. They have been used to give a more rustic feel to the modern day kitchens. The cheaper versions of copper sinks might contain a mix of other metals along with copper. The varieties available in copper sinks include hammered and smooth finish looks. These hammered copper sinks are hammered with hands by artisans, unlike the smooth finish copper sinks. The gauge of copper is an essential point to consider when purchasing a copper sink.

Benefits of copper kitchen sink

There are many known benefits of using copper kitchen sinks. These include:

– Hammered copper sinks are more strong and do not get dented in comparison to smooth copper sinks
– The rustic look gives a very ethnic finish to the kitchen
– The material is recyclable
– Copper is a natural anti-microbial compound, this is ideal for use in kitchen where you want least amount of microbes
– They can be painted, waxed or coated
– Cleaning of the copper sinks is very easy and any conventional cleaning method works for it.
– It does not rust or show corrosion
– They are available in various different styles, and you can pick among them to suit your style

Disadvantages of copper kitchen sinks

Although the copper sinks offer many benefits when used in kitchen or bathrooms there are some disadvantages of using them. Some of them include

– Selection of smooth copper sinks is attractive due to its finished and great look, but these sinks might show dents and scratches as and when they are used.
– The shine or the rustiness of the copper sinks can get damaged or lightened with use of acidic spillages like lemon or orange juice
– The platina of copper sinks require regular waxing and maintenance
– There are other cheap varieties of copper sinks available which use mix of metals and can wear off easily in long runs
– These sinks get easily stained and darkens them
– More expensive than the stainless steel or ceramic sinks