Why contemporary toilets are always a better choice?

Contemporary Kitchen 15 contemporary kitchen with black cabinets DKQVWAN
Contemporary Kitchen 15 contemporary kitchen with black cabinets DKQVWAN

It is often a question amongst buyers, what is a close couple toilet? This question is important as any other because to buy the right toilet you need to know about all the types of toilets available in the market. Although, design, material and texture play a role in the overall comfort and experience of a toilet, the most important thing is the style of the toilet, close coupled and traditional toilet.

Contemporary toilets are all close-coupled toilets that use the connection point to create a powerful flush as opposed to traditional toilets that are wall hung and use gravity to create a flush. There is another type of toilet that is neither wall neither wall-hung nor close-coupled; they are Back to Wall toilets, which also fall under the contemporary category. These toilets are best suited for a modern bathroom.

Contemporary toilet over traditional toilet

If you are looking for that modern fell in your toilet then the back to wall contemporary toilet is best suited for you. In the contemporary toilet it conceals the cistern behind a vanity unit or a panel. It frees up space on the floor and also gives your toilet a modern, sleek look that is not seen with older wall hung toilets.

Unlike back to wall toilets, the close coupled toilets do not conceal the cistern. They are exposed, but that doesn’t mean that this toilet doesn’t give off a modern vibe, it’s trendy lines and finishing will give you both the mix of modern and vintage looks.

What about the prices?

When it comes to buying a toilet, prices aren’t everything. If you get greedy for a few hundred bucks while buying a toilet you might changing it every 5 years or so. Toilets that are used in families of 4 or 5 tend to last short because it is used aggressively each day. For a family of 4, a toilet will be used at least 20 times a day. This means, you can’t greedy while choosing and buying toilets. When a toilet is used more than 7000 times a year it should be made of good quality material and durable, and that means more money.

Compared to traditional toilets, contemporary toilets are expensive, but if you buy quality toilet made of good ceramic that complements all components then it will pay off well in the future.

It is important that you go through the style, type, material and design of the toilet before making the purchase.