Ideas for maximum space utilization for small bathrooms

Ideas For Very Small Bathrooms 12 design tips to make
Ideas For Very Small Bathrooms 12 design tips to make a small bathroom better KFQTMUQ

Every person spends a good part of their day in the bathroom. A bathroom becomes a person’s most private sanctuary, so it is important that the bathroom is designed to be efficient, clutter free and visually appealing. This however becomes a challenge to achieve if there is a space constraint. So every inch of space needs to be utilized in a small bathroom. The smaller the bathroom, the bigger, will be the challenge. Therefore there are some key points to be kept in mind while designing a small bathroom.

Now, the essentials in every bathroom are

• Bathtub or shower

• Toilet

• Vanity area

• Colors

Placing each of these to create an illusion of space is of utmost important.

Bathtub or Shower:-

The best bet here is, to install a ‘walk-in shower’ as opposed to a bathtub in order to immediately save floor space. Moreover using a glass shower screen to separate the wet and dry areas will create an illusion of a bigger bathroom and make the shower area feel larger too.


Where space utilization is an issue, it is always advisable to make maximum use of the corners. Therefore it is a good idea to either install a small toilet or a corner toilet to allow freedom of movement in the center of the bathroom.

Vanity Area:-

It is essential to keep small areas clutter free so storage becomes an important issue in small bathrooms. The vanity area can come to some good use here. Choose a small vanity with under counter vanity doors, housing shelves, where toiletries can be stored. Also as mentioned above bathroom corners can also be utilized as vanity areas. There are specially designed sinks with 90 degree backs to fit in the corner of two walls thus leaving enough room for maneuvering inside the bathroom.


When choosing colors for small bathrooms, it is best to use light shades as they create an illusion of space as opposed to dark colors which make a place look smaller. This holds true for any small spaced area. Choosing the right colors is of extreme importance for any space. White is always the preferred bathroom color because it gives a sense of cleanliness. A dash of color can always be added by using colorful towels or soap holders etc.
Space if utilized wisely will create the same comfort in a small bathroom as in a big one.