Storing spaces in a bathroom

Bathroom Designs Small Spaces 11 awesome type of small bathroom
Bathroom Designs Small Spaces 11 awesome type of small bathroom designs - KLALBWT

Remember getting up in the morning and not able to find toothpaste in the bathroom. Another scenario could be to find damaged bristles of a toothbrush when we really need it urgently. Such trivial matters can spoil our whole day. They say prevention is better than cure. The best way could be to put such toilet accessories in a stored space. The stored spaces in a bathroom are provided by cabinets. The cabinets not only store toothpaste, shaving set, toothbrush, moisturizer, linens and so on in places which could be easily locatable but also protect them from dirt and insects.

Types of cabinets

The bathroom cabinets come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. A simple yet elegant cabinet could be made from rope. Another convenient cabinet could be a trolley type unit with three to four drawers in it. Slim cabinets fixed at two walls joining can save lots of space and are ideal for small bathrooms. The most common place to put a cabinet is under the sink. The cabinet door is often made of glass so as to easily identify our accessory requirements. These doors often slide for saving space. The cabinets contain shelves or drawers for segregating different accessories.

The cabinets are made up of different materials depending upon the user’s preferences and cost. Wooden cabinets are preferred in those places in the bathroom where we do not expect water contact with it. The cabinets could also be made of stainless steel, chrome, polyester or glass. Often a non-wooden cabinet, except glass, is given a wooden paint finish for giving better elegance yet retain its strength. The cabinets come in different colors, but the most common is the one with shades of brown color.


Universally cabinets come in a variety of sizes to suit ones requirements and preferences. It is the reason why the plethora of cabinets is available in the market from different manufacturers. The cost of the cabinet could vary from few hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars depending upon the users’ budget. Cabinets are important in a modern bathroom.