Kitchen refacing – a cheaper alternative to remodeling

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If one is planning to remodel their kitchen cabinets then think again. Why spend so much money on remodeling or purchasing new cabinets when you can change the appearance of your cabinets with half the cost. There are many options that one can consider to make their current cabinet look different and attractive.

How to give a new look to the kitchen cabinets?


It is the process of changing the exteriors of the cabinets keeping the structure and layout of the cabinet intact. One can change the door, drawers, side panel, plywood, lamination, hinges etc. One can also change the wood and install latest styled hardware in their cabinets.


It is another word for Resurfacing. It means just changing face of the cabinet .i.e. all the visible surfaces will be given a new facelift to create attractiveness and elegance.


It simply means changing the finish or paint of the cabinet. In this process the existing finish or paint is stripped off and a new paint or finish is applied.

Pros of refacing the kitchen cabinets

• Cost is almost 70 to 80 percent the cost as compared to new cabinets

• It takes relatively less time for refacing a cabinet

• It involves less hassles and efforts compared to installing a new one.

• Refacing increases the life of the cabinets making them more durable

• Refacing is environmentally friendly. It is better alternative for remodeling.

• One can change the look and style and make it modern and classy by just changing the surface of the cabinets.

Cost for refacing cabinets

Cost for refacing the cabinets depends upon many factors. It depends upon what changes or replacement is needed in your cabinets. The size of the kitchen is an important factor that decides the cost of refacing. Other factors include material, wood veneering cost, size of the cabinets, cost of doors & drawers to be replaced, cost of lamination, hinges and other hardware etc. All these expenses determine the cost of refacing the cabinet. However it depends upon the changes one needs in their cabinets. But it is obvious that the cost of refacing will always be lesser than the cost of remodeling.